Title: the First Professional Fitness Seminar

Location: Kish island Iran 1.1.2015

subject: Body Forming

the First Professional Fitness Seminar in Iran about Body Forming

Holding the first Expert-Iran-Fitness,under supervision of International Fitness Pro Education IPFE Academy, in the beautiful Kish Island was a perfect mixture, in which the Iranian Athletic group set the stage for encouraging and attracting Fitness Group. It started with lots doubts and hesitations. However, high spirit and hard efforts of the management and personnel made the job easy, and at the end with some good feeling and pleasure. Along with this holding in the Kish Island, The Athletic group actively showed that they have major goals in their programs and projects. They could play an important role in making interesting improvement in educating the Fitness Fans and update their knowledge scientifically.

The young Group, and its management team, along with all the associates are trying very hard to come up with new ideas, to merge in terms of partnership and legally with the body building, and other related associations to reduce the difficulties and challenges to a minimum point. Currently, these efforts and hard work are making a considerable progress.
The participants in the 4-day camp in the Kish Island were the true devotees to Fitness, and they wanted to be aware of the latest Fitness developments in the World. Good characters and behavior, such as: nice attitude and approach, desire to perform, full time present and participation in the scheduled classes, admirable cooperation with the associates, and so many other well Manners in the 4-day Camp in the Kish

Island were the indication of participants eagerness participation. The participants were a mixture of some Sportsmen. These experts’ participants made the 4-day Kish Island very unique in comparison to any other Camp