Frequently Asked Questions

Certified Personal Trainer, CPT, is the title and accompanying acronym used in the personal fitness training industry for an individual who has been appropriately assessed by a national certifying organization, successfully demonstrating the necessary skill sets of the certified personal trainer by way of the respective assessment. This general title is specified by an organizational distinction with respect to the certification organization that you achieved your certification through.

With increasing public awareness about the benefits of healthy living and an active lifestyle, the demand for personal trainers has increased exponentially both in private practices and gyms. Right now, the supply is not meeting the demand! This means there’s room for you to make a difference! Become a personal trainer and make your impact official. You can help people with their goals to be healthy and happy.

Principles of Human Anatomy
Principles of Human Physiology
Fitness Components
Training Program Development, Implementation, and Modification
Profession and Communication Skills

Our certificate contains the training title and is issued with the logo of the IFPE Academy .
The certificate does not show that you have learned online.